TEACHER GONE LIVE Interactive Classes

COVID-19 Empathy Training

Learn how to craft compassionate, kind, and empathy-focused copy and content while still sharing your products or services during the COVID-19 pandemic.   ($22 Membership Required)

Making it Land: How to Craft Effective Landing Page Copy

Learn the formula for creating effective and engaging landing pages that do NOT leave out any information, but doesn't overwhelm your customers either. Learn how to develop copy immediately. ($22 Membership Required)

ADBOOK: How to Write Various Ads for Facebook

Learn how to develop social media ads that people actually read and enjoy. Develop 3 types of social media ad posts you can use immediately. ($22 Membership Required)

Chapter by Chapter: Outlining Your Book

This class will help you outline the book you desire. This interactive class will review book names, how to choose chapter topics, and how to outline your book. You will leave the class with a working outline. ($22 Membership Required)