NEW! Summer Content Ideas!


Hey! What's Goin' On?

If you're here peeping out my website, you're tired of boring, basic, and un-funny (okay...I made that word up)...copy and content. You're looking for words to reflect your bright, vibrant, and fun brand personality. You're in the right place! Let's do this! 

Feel-Good Copy & Content!


You're attracting super-serious customers and clients because you're offering super-serious copy and content! I'll say it for want them to CHILL-LAX..., so you have to make sure they know you're the same way.  Kreative Copy is the one place to get copy and content to make them smile and to make you smile. Playful, happy, and vibrant brands need words to match their personality. This is where that happens.

Work It Out with Fun Words!

Ya content matters, my friend. Your tribe is waiting to hear from you, but you have to give them words they will love. Is it difficult to come up with what to say? I see you nodding. So, let's <insert my copywriting magic>, so you can say what you're truly feeling. I'll offer you content ideas here, and you can buy them and expand upon them or have me write more using one you found. This is chic, fun, organic stuff if you like it boring & the X with a smile. Here's how you can work with me.

1. Buy a FUN content kit!

You share the topic, product, or offer you're promoting to your tribe, and I'll give you a full content pathway (outline) with cute concepts to help you write your own copy and content. 

2. Have me write FUN copy for you!

Now, no humbug is allowed. If you're looking for a serious, buttoned-up type of approach, my services won't work for you. I write fun, witty, organic short-form copy for brands and businesses who thrive on bringing a smile to their tribe's faces (and making a few dollar bills in the process).